Our Organization

CARP (Community Action Relief Project) is a mutual aid and harm reduction group located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. CARP’s members are anarchists, communists, and socialists committed to sharing resources and redistributing wealth throughout the Kensington community of Philadelphia. Capitalism and the state institutions that propagate it have abandoned Kensington and poor communities like it around the world, and only through exercising our collective power can we defeat it.
Our organizing is rooted in building relationships and solidarity in the Kensington community. We practice mutual aid not just by redistributing resources, but also via community care: assisting neighbors searching for housing, jobs, or medical care and hosting community discussions. We provide essential supplies needed for survival, including hot meals, snacks, clothing, hygiene kits, on site wound care, and safer drug use kits. In conjunction, we host political education and collective learning/discussions, as well as a radical library which is free and always accessible from the street.

We believe that the current capitalist system, founded on white supremacy and exploitation, is unjust. We fight for a world in which there are no prisons, police, houselessness, or underpaid jobs with rich bosses. A world in which resources are shared among the many rather than stolen and hoarded by a few, where everyone has food, shelter, medical care, and the freedom to live without exploitation or oppression. We do not expect politicians to make things better; they have long since abandoned the working class and are part of the problem! We are Communists, Anarchists, and Socialists committed to fighting for a better world. Join us! 

Get Involved

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Help out at the Supply Hub!

Every weekend we distribute hygiene packs and food, and have political education conversations with our neighbors at our supply hub in Kensington.